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Lori Lee, will share the creation of the Love Your Story podcast and her personal story that lead her to create this amazing story tool.

  • 31 Aug 2017
  • 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM
  • Ogden Golf and Country Club

 Are you a podcast listener?

 If you are, you're in for an introduction to a great new program. If you're not, you're in for an introduction to a fabulous new genre for finding inspiration and insights at the easy click of a switch on your phone or computer. Lori Lee, the host of the Love Your Story podcast, will share the inside scoop on the creation of the Love Your Story podcast, her personal story, and the exciting, empowering, and inspiring story tools you can find through the podcast to help YOU create your most brilliant life story. Have questions? This two-way discussion will provide some food for thought about your own stories, and maybe even some inspirational ideas for creating them on purpose.

Once Upon A Time there was a single mom who raised two boys after ditching 3 husbands. She was a professional writer who started out rock climbing, skiing, hiking and river running, then writing articles and books about her adventures. Years later this woman went back to school to get her masters in Folklore where she studied the personal narrative researching its functions and structures. She looked for peace inside her own broken story and through her research and emotional intelligence training, she found it. Her personal journey was rocky and filled with emotion, but what she learned she brought to the airwaves in the Love Your Story podcast, a weekly program discussing tools and tips for living your biggest, boldest and most satisfying life story. Lori speaks, coaches, and holds workshops that help people find and tell their stories so they can find the freedom that she has. While the specifics of how she lived 'happily ever after' are still to be determined, she takes responsibility for creating her own life story with love.

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